The Digital To-Do List

Never be "too busy to write a to-do list." It's just flawed logic, as I learned last week when I left the pages of my planner blank because I couldn't be bothered to take five minutes to write a list of to-dos (that, and my planner didn't fit in my current handbag of choice... excuses excuses). I spent a good part of the week wasting my free time on frivolities (welcome to my life, Jewel Mania!) and then rushing around like a madwoman trying to remember where I had to be and everything I had to do before the weekend. I ended up feeling busier than I actually was and getting fewer (useful) things done.

(Okay it might also be flawed logic that if I don't write something down on my to-do list, it's as if that task never existed in the first place... out of sight, out of mind, right?)

This week, I decided to be uber-productive. Rather than ban myself from my phone and its Tetris-like offerings, I downloaded a free app called Astrid, which organizes your tasks by due date. It also allows you to categorize your tasks into customizable lists and receive email reminders on the due date of each task. I'm a pen-and-paper gal at heart, so I transfer all of my electronic to-dos into my good old-fashioned Moleskine planner. Nonetheless, this app is handy when I'm out and about, planner-less, and suddenly remember something I have to do. And ticking that checkbox is just one more incentive to get on the phone in the name of an overdue teeth cleaning...

Any other productivity apps out there that you love? Please do share!