Just a quick bedtime post. Today, unintentionally, I pretty much followed Mark Bittman's "vegan til 6" plan. As the name suggests, you maintain a vegan diet from when you wake up until 6ish or dinnertime, and then the cheese platter can come out. This means that you have one meal for indulgences and keep the rest light and plant-based. I tend to eat this way when left to my own devices, and I think it works well, especially if you fill up on the good stuff throughout the day and don't overindulge at night. People tell me that going dairy-free might be a healthy choice, but I can't imagine not eating brie or ice cream! Anyways, I promise I'll move on from Paris and cheese to other pleasures in life. Such as those lilacs and sweet peas in a champagne flute, and a mini Sephora/Whole Foods skincare haul, which I'll share here tomorrow after a good night's sleep!